BOE Response

It took a couple of days, but I did hear back from the Board of Education– an email from the President. 

After I had not heard back from any board members, I decided to send a tweet on Twitter to the BOE president. I am on Twitter often for my job, so I thought this might attract someone’s attention from the WICSD.

After the tweet, I received this response:

Ms. Ziegler Mott:
I am using this email to reply to your communications sent primarily through Twitter.  I do not “tweet” I only use the site to be part of the lives of my children and family who prefer it over email.
Regarding your concerns, please be advised that the Board of Education has great confidence in Mr. Desrosiers and the teaching and professional staff at Rogers School.  I understand that you are working with him.  As a board, our role is to set policy, protocol and with community support adopt the budget.  All of those actions and resources are focused on learning and achievement and the creating safe environment our schools need to reach that goal.
Please understand that student discipline is a process that is progressive by design.  In some circumstances the Board could be asked to review suspensions, thus I cannot comment on any specific situation or student.
I hope this communication helps clarify the position of the Board.
Thank you, on behalf of the entire Board of Education.
Charles Perreaud
This is very similar to a response another mom received a couple of week’s back.  Her daughter was being bullied by a boy at age 6. Instead of dealing with the BULLY, the bullying victim was sent to another district school.
This is unacceptable to me. And I have not heard from any other parents who DO find this response acceptable. Predictable? Perhaps. Acceptable? No.