Today’s the day…

Today at 4pm we are meeting at school with the principal, school psychologist, and the parents of the child who has been doing the bullying.

My stomach is doing flips because there is so much I want to say. I want to ask HOW they could be aware of the fact that their son has been picking on kids since PRE-SCHOOL and not act…not prevent this…not help their son STOP doing this to his peers. I do not know what I will say or what I will do if the turn a blind eye to their son’s actions. How do you ask someone how they can ignore what has been going on?  How do you ask someone why they let their child be a bully?

I will update you all on this meeting.  I do not want to get my hopes up and believe that by having one meeting with the parents that things will magically be better and that I can begin to lessen my son’s fear of recess. Nick just returned to school today and hasn’t had recess yet this week, so I cannot tell you yet what changes have been implemented to protect kids on the playground. He was off for Columbus Day on Monday and was sent home sick early Tuesday (walking pneumonia).

I know I have to listen. I know I have to keep my cool. I know I have to make it abundantly clear, though, that if this kid touches my son again I will not hesitate to do more to make my voice heard by even more people–bullying is a very real problem in our schools. I cannot believe the stories I have heard from other parents. I do not want to have to go that route, but I will not stop my fight on Nick’s behalf until change–real change–has occurred.


3 thoughts on “Today’s the day…

  1. you know if one school changed how they dealt with bullying and it worked then the word would spread and if every school changed then maybe bullying would go away… what's sad is that bullying goes on in school , offices , everywhere.. I once had a grown man sit through a dinner repeating every word I said… he thought he was being funny coping my english accent but to me it was horrible and a form of bullying

  2. Sarah and BLISS angles,Thank you both. You are right. Bullying occurs at any age and in many settings and it signifies a larger issue in this society that truly needs to be addressed. Thank you for reading.

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